Dr. Christopher David Kaufman contributed to his first textbook in 2016 with 19 other principals dedicated to integrity and excellence in digital and social media consulting.

Today, Dr. Kaufman has four books coming out in 2024. Each work focuses on his four main passions.

Learning Science, Computer Science, Organizational Behavior, and Business Transformation.

Available August 2024

MoonShots, Marshmallows, Mindsets & Me! –  A handbook to triumph over dysfunction.

The handbook has 7 interactive modules, each module has field exercises, hand-on interactive labs, the latest academic research, conversational simulations, and simple narrative stories that blend cognitive, behavioral neuroscience, and sociology to help the reader understand how dysfunctional behaviors in organizations as simple as a couple to teams to entire enterprises fall prey to impulsive, poorly planned, emotionally driven decisions that ultimately have sub-optimal outcomes.

Available September 2024

Profit off Dysfunction – How to succeed over everyone’s weakness without losing your moral compass

A simple stream of consciousness story. Meet Richard Keno Fuzenski, scholar, sale trainer, sarcastic social critic, and a man about to see his entire world crash down around him. If Holden Caulfield and Ignatius J. Reilly had a love child, Richard would be the offspring.

The text is based on a decade of the latest research around the science of Dysfunction and its social cousin Persuasion. But rather than bore you with textbook formatting and oblique references to academic experiments, this book uses the brief slice of life story of Mr. Fuzenski to colorfully illustrate how the world around us is powered by dysfunction. And with ample aid of AI guardians’ commentary, how you can use that dysfunction to hit pay dirt, gain the easy life, and live in luxury while raising your ethical standards.

Available November 2024

Unshackled Youth: How would we build education from the progressive dreams of the late 19th century today.

This is a powerful analysis that begins with the early reformers of progressive constructionist education scholars and reformers who founded private schools in the Ojai Valley in the early 20th century. It is a compendium extending the work of Edward Yeoman’s book Shackled Youth.

It poses a simple question, if we have ubiquitous high speed internet, smart watches, smart tablets, augmented eyeware, and AI powered voice enabled bots connected to the wealth of knowledge of mankind. Do we continue sticking children in the factory designed classrooms of the late 1800’s?

See the future of education from a man that saw the dreams of early progressives get held back and how using the latest in cognitive research in memory, in the encoding of information and the transfer of skills would ultimately destroy the class rooms of today.

I see myself as a forward looking researcher emerging from a group of passionate academic professionals with the relevant experience to match.

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In 2020, Dr. Kaufman combined his Vanderbilt research with his 30 years of consulting to strengthen learning science expertise in organizational behavior and opened his first office in Palm Springs. Since then, the Dr. Kaufman has expanded throughout the United States and Europe to serve clients.

We know our clients’ brands inside and out to create bespoke campaigns that bring the brand story to life, engage with consumers and inspire the media.

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