Hello - Nice to meet you, I am Dr. Kaufman

personal background

Dr. Christopher David Kaufman has been consulting with organizations from Fortune 100 firms to small and medium businesses.

  • 2002

    sold interactive tv start-up

    A life-long entrepreneur, Dr. Kaufman has created numerous businesses at the cutting edge of technology. After raising millions to create the first analog broadcast with digital content embedded over the air at KWHY-TV channel 22 Los Angeles, the company was sold along with securing international patents for the technology.

  • 2007

    researching human complex systems

    This was the first period when Dr. Kaufman began studying how to model human interactions and communication. Pumping out numerous academic papers across the spectrum of the personalities of dive bar denizens, magnet school social networks, to the growth of major online social networks.

  • 2015

    speaking public & published

    Asked by Pearson Publishing to contribute to textbook on social business theory. Wrote chapter 19 How Companies Succeed in Social Business. Having already presented over a 100 events, seminars, and keynotes to small and medium businesses, Dr. Kaufman was sharing his insights to individuals and businesses across the US.

  • 2020

    putting the human into the practice

    Developing a new way to transform individuals, teams, and organizations. By looking at how the hot, fast, intuitive, gut instinctual reptile brain is the fastest way to change behavior. Working with national non-profits, universities, and fortune 500 companies, Dr. Kaufman began training executives across North America in his stand-and-deliver reptile brain training techniques.

  • 2023

    meet the doctor of dysfunction

    Dr. Kaufman completes his doctorate in organizational learning and leadership at Vanderbilt University. His thesis was how does VR and learning science help accelerate organizational change. As well as writing several books on organizational dysfunction, Dr. Kaufman completes his 500th training seminar.

how can I help you?

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Chris, thank you very much for your well researched presentation info. The content exceeded my expectations. I appreciate you for all that you do!

Doug M.
CEO, Q87 International

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