What I Do

Learning Science

I use the power of neuro-cognitive, behavioral, and social psychology to leverage your fast, hot, impulsive instincts into cool, methodical, well reasoned long term goals.

Business Transformation

I use the strength of organizational dysfunction to empower teams and divisions to fail fast, fall forward, and land softly. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for high performance work.

Advanced Training

Using AI and AR, I put your organization inside scenarios & simulations to train your dysfunctional side where your gut instincts, drives, and split-second impulses work.

Who I Am

I am a Doctor of Organizational Learning. So, before I talk destination, I shine a spotlight across your organization to fully understand its people, processes, and technology. Whether it is a workshop, seminar, or keynote, I harness the dysfunction inside your organization.


Professional Engagements


Live Trainings Completed

Grow your human capital so you can live the life you want

How I Work

Introductory Phone Call
I begin with Sense-Making. I actively listen and inquire how you operate. Trying to understand the invisible variables that create counter-productive behaviors, out of control dysfunction, and missed opportunities.
Face to Face Meeting
Here is where I probe to see where we can apply techniques to accelerate change. I go through the detritus of dysfunction; skeletons in the closet, silos in the hallways, sinkholes in the corner office and steak knives in the cubicles.
Plan for Engagement
I have developed, 3 hour break-outs, 1/2 day workshops, as well as weekend retreats depending on the needs of the organization. I have a full menu of options from keynotes to hybrid training to help reach your objectives.
Live Scripting
Onsite, I use live scripting. This is a two-way process. First I see what scripts are in use to communicate between employees, customers, and management. Then I query and pose some modifications.
Scenarios & Simulations
I run teams through scenarios. Debrief and post-mortem tools are used to increase psychological safety and trust. This opens to door for individuals to train on simulations.
Stand & Deliver
Now that the individuals and teams have run through scenarios and simulations, I design sequence of events for the trainee to change the course of the situation via Stand & Deliver performance tests.
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Some Case Studies

Take a look at the variety of analysis, training, and content I have created for a wide range of clients

“Being rich is having money, being wealthy is having time.”

—   Margaret Bonnano

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Whether it’s a keynote or a workshop, consulting your sales performance training or your overall learning and development. Be prepared for high performance results.